From the age of twelve, I always remember having butterflies in my stomach or feeling sick to my stomach. This was the beginning stages of my anxiety.

From getting good grades, making friends, doing well at figure skating, and making my parents proud, I could always find something to be stressed about.

I went to Western University and lived away from home for the first time. I remember going out with some friends and having my very first panic attack. My breathing was very rapid, I was dizzy, nauseous and I thought I was going to die.

I went to the emergency room, and they checked my heart and my vitals. Everything came back to normal. They told me I had a panic attack.

Twenty years back, people didn’t speak about panic and anxiety. Now, all we hear about are people suffering from anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.

My anxiety at that point was escalating and becoming unmanageable. My doctor said I needed to be on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. However, nothing was working.

Thank God for the love and support of my family! My mom then said we need to try something different.

She took me to a Chinese medicine practitioner, who gave me Chinese herbs and did acupuncture. A few sessions in, I was starting to feel better I went a few times a week and felt my anxiety becoming manageable.

Upon graduating from university, I knew I wanted to help people.

I decided to go to massage therapy school and receive a diploma as a Registered Massage therapist. I then went to school for contemporary acupuncture at McMaster University.

I had patients who were suffering from conditions like; headaches, anxiety, vertigo, etc. I watched them get better, and the effect of strain completely disappear with my treatments.

I went back to school to the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and learned about the deep roots of Chinese medicine and acupuncture for another four years. Now that we see mental health on the uprise, especially in children, I wanted my clinic to be a safe place to fall.

However, after 20 years of being in practice and treating patients, I wanted to make a bigger impact around the world! This was when I decided to create a product that essentially does what I do in my practice everyday.

"I wanted to create a product that was natural & had no harmful additives or affects."

"30 Days Money Back Guarantee "

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